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Table 1 Socio-demographic characteristics, agriculture-related work practices and food security

From: Maternal BMI mediates the impact of crop-related agricultural work during pregnancy on infant length in rural Pakistan: a mediation analysis of cross-sectional data

 nMedian (IQR) / %
Infant age (m)11341.6 (1.0, 2.1)
Infant sex (%)1134 
Maternal age (y)109627.0 (23.0, 32.0)
Marital status (%,)1138 
Maternal education (%)1140 
 No formal education92381.0
 Primary school education1311.8
  > Primary school education827.2
Paternal education (%)1130 
 No formal education54348.0
 Primary school education21218.8
  > Primary school education37533.2
Maternal occupation (%)1126 
 Agriculture related employment59152.5
 Non-agriculture-related employment15814.0
Paternal occupation (%)1142 
 Agriculture related employment58551.2
 Non-agriculture-related employment52345.8
Maternal agriculture work during pregnancy (%)1134 
 Livestock-related work64757.0
 Crop-related work `48442.7
 Cotton harvesting32228.4
Food security (%)1139 
 Worried there was insufficient food in last 30 d67559.3
 Ate a limited variety of food in last 30 d71362.7
Cash transfer from the Benazir Income Support1137 
 Program (%, yes)36932.5