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Table 2 Ratio of mothers perceived care for steps indicated in the SCC prior to its implementation (N = 26)

From: Mothers’ experiences of quality of care and potential benefits of implementing the WHO safe childbirth checklist: a case study of Aceh Indonesia

Checklist item on WHO SCCCount (%)
Birth companion was present during birth24 (92.3)
Call for help during labour was encouraged10 (38.5)
Call for help soon after birth was encouraged10 (38.5)
Started breastfeeding and skin-to-skin contact18 (85.7*)
Stayed at the facility for at least 24 h14 (53.8)
Family planning was discussed and offered before discharge8 (30.8)
Follow-up care was arranged before discharge12 (46.2)
Danger signs before discharge were explained8 (30.8)
  1. *The ratio is adjusted excluding those cases where mother/baby conditions were complicated