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Table 2 Participants’ response to questions on knowledge of PE, risk factors, symptoms and complications

From: Knowledge of preeclampsia and its associated factors among pregnant women: a possible link to reduce related adverse outcomes

ResponsesFrequency (n)Percentage (%)
Have you heard of PE?
What are some of the signs/symptoms of PE?
 High blood pressure (during pregnancy)13939.6
 Persistent headache11231.9
 Blurred vision6217.7
 Chest pain5716.2
 Abdominal pain339.4
 Nausea and vomiting329.1
 Back pain298.3
What are some of the risk factors for PE?
 Family history of PE13237.6
 Having prior PE11733.3
 Unhealthy lifestyle10730.5
 Multiple births5816.5
What are some of the complications of PE?
 Maternal death16847.9
 Fetal death16045.6
 Heart disease13438.2
 Kidney dysfunction8123.1
When is one likely to experience PE?  
  ≥ 20 weeks of gestation3911.1
How severe is PE?
 Very severe16246.2
 Not severe41.1
I don’t know16247.6
Are you careful about PE?
I don’t know16045.6
  1. PE pre-eclampsia