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Table 1 Sociodemographic characteristics and history of PE

From: Knowledge of preeclampsia and its associated factors among pregnant women: a possible link to reduce related adverse outcomes

VariableMean ± SDMin-Max
Age (years)30.2 ± 5.319–48
Gestational age (weeks)24.6 ± 9.14–41
 Frequency (n)Percentage (%)
Marital status
Employment status
Educational status
  ≤ SHS21661.5
  > SHS13538.5
Is this your first pregnancy?
  ≤ 226776.1
  > 27423.9
Experienced PE before?
I don’t know15443.9
Family history of PE
I don’t know15243.3
  1. SHS senior high school, PE pre-eclampsia