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Table 1 Presentation of the summary results of the included studies

From: Effect of maternal birth positions on duration of second stage of labor: systematic review and meta-analysis

Author, year and countryStudy designTotal sample sizePositions in comparisonResultsBias/ Limitation
Mean (minutes) for Upright/lateralMean (minutes) for SupineLength of time shortened by upright position 
Simaro M., 2017 (Spain)RCT155All upright/lateral Vs supine94.6124.329.7Low risk
Denakpo J., 2012 (Benrin)CS980Standing, sitting and squatting Vs supine159.5179.319.8Low risk
Gupta JK, 1989 (U.K)RCT114Squatting Vs supine36404Low risk
Mathew A., 2012(India)RCT60Birthing ball & ambulation Vs supine23.949.825.9Low risk
Mraloglu O., 2017 (Turky)RCT100Squatting Vs supine21.0255.434.38Low risk
Dabral A., 2018 (India)RCT300Kneeling Vs supine23.939.3815.48Low risk
Marittila M., 1983 (Finland)RCT100Sitting Vs supinr21.8253.2Low risk
Thilagavathy G.,2012 India)RCT200Half sitting Vs supine566711Low risk