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Table 1 Overview of studies included in the systematic review and Meta-analysis

From: Maternal and perinatal outcomes of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy in Ethiopia: systematic review and meta-analysis

SourcesLocationStudy designQuality (%)Sample sizeNo ANCPNDSBENDLBWPTBPNAMDRenal injuryHepatic injuryHELLP SyndromePulmonary edemaPlacental AbruptionPreeclampsiaEclampsiaOthers
Wondimu et al. (2018)Karamara hospitalCross sectional77.3%93592619734472610223597 93 
Obsa and Wolka (2018)WolitaCross sectional81.8%22534      416  13 164583
Seid et al. (2017)Gandhi Memorial hospital, Addis AbebaCross sectional72.7%2007      113 28  200  
Maereg Wagnew et al. (2016)Tikur Anbesa, Zewditu, St. Paul’s hospitals, Adis AbebaCross sectional83.4%18093875133631505323951026  2571141001496313 
Nega et al. (2015)Jimma university hospitalCross sectional82.1%314165      2376 5782 208106 
Seyom et al. (2015)Mettu Kari hospitalCross sectional72.9%1216213112463420 81415 2762322
Yifruet al. (2015)Southren EthiopiaRetrospective cohort71.2%1015382      51521326   61234657
Wubanchi et al. (2015)Debre Berhan hospitalCross sectional81.2%2704981  8956887     1827513
Vata et al. (2015)Dilla University hospitalCross sectional75%172 1616 23 27     214329 
Selamawit et al. (2015)Zewditu Memorial hospitalCross sectional76.5%2501429191012691132 20 38 1512117112
Endesha et al. (2014)Hawassa,Hosanna, Yirgalem HospitalRetrospective cohort77.9%101538232226161545  51521326   61234657
Zenebe et al. (2011)Jimma university hospitalCross sectional74.8%1534052421070 33   14  108378
Abate et al. (2006)St. Paul’s and Tikur anbesa hospitalsCross sectional73.5%257 113694425  28        
  1. PND perinatal death, SB still birth, END early neonatal death, LBW ow birth weight, PNA perinatal asphyxia, PTB preterm birth, MD maternal death, ANC antenatal care