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Table 6 Correlation Coefficient between the GDMQ-36 factors and the DCQOL subscales (n = 85)

From: Quality of life questionnaire for women with gestational diabetes mellitus (GDMQ-36): development and psychometric properties

Subscales of questionnaire Diabetes Clients Quality Of Life questionnaire (DCQOL)
PhysicalPsychologicalSocialEconomicDisease and treatment
Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Quality Of Life-36 Item
concerns about high-risk pregnancy0.040.14−**
perceived constraints−0.020.10−0.18−0.0060.67**
GDM complications0.140.65**0.110.21*−0.13**
medication and treatment0.10−0.010.005−0.050.46**
support0.060.005− 0.43**−0.060.04
  1. *Significant at the p < 0.05
  2. **Significant at the p < 0.01