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Table 5 Matrix of Rotated Factors with Varimax Rotation and Factor Load rates of Items in Each Factor for the Quality Of Life Questionnaire for women with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

From: Quality of life questionnaire for women with gestational diabetes mellitus (GDMQ-36): development and psychometric properties

RawItemFactor load
1I’m concerned about premature birth of my baby0.846    
2I’m concerned about the loss of fetal movement0.795    
3I’m concerned about the fetal death0.775    
4I’m concerned about fetal abnormalities0.765    
5I’m concerned about my baby’s blood sugar drop after birth0.655    
6I have to visit doctors with different specialties0.601    
7I’m concerned about poor weight gain0.572    
8I’m concerned that diabetes would be transmitted to my baby0.558    
9I have to visit the doctor frequently0.554    
10I’m concerned about fetal and baby weight gain0.524    
11I’m concerned about delayed wound healing0.436  0.439 
12My diet is repetitious and not diversified 0.721   
13I faced constraints on my favorite foods and fruits 0.705   
14My food is separated from the family meal 0.612   
15The family basket has changed due to my diet 0.524   
16To measure fasting blood sugar, I should fast for a long time and endure hunger 0.518   
17My sexual activity has decreased due to GDM 0.480   
18I use fruits and food with low and determined amounts 0.457   
19I go less often to the party and restaurants due to GDM 0.401   
20I have feelings of thirst and dry mouth  0.731  
21I repeatedly go to the bathroom  0.695  
22I have blood sugar drop  0.628  
23I get angry soon  0.580  
24I feel depressed  0.579  
25My mind is obsessed with the disease 0.4140.465  
26Insulin injection is difficult for me at specific times of the day   0.760 
27Insulin injections for several times is difficult and time consuming for me   0.755 
28Frequent blood glucose test is difficult for me   0.510 
29I’m concerned about drug side effects on my fetus   0.508 
30I adjust insulin dose based on my blood glucose   0.499 
31People’s empathy helps me to tolerate the disease    0.678
32My spouse mental and emotional support helps me tolerate the disease easier    0.671
33The information from healthcare workers about the disease has helped me    0.605
34The positive experience of the people around me about the disease has helped me    0.594
35The information I receive about the disease from the media and the Internet has helped me    0.560
36Prayer with God has helped me tolerate the disease    0.431