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Table 5 Probabilities of future cesarean section and LGA depending on prepregnancy BMI and HbA1c at the 1st GDM booking, according to logistic regression models

From: Potentially modifiable predictors of adverse neonatal and maternal outcomes in pregnancies with gestational diabetes mellitus: can they help for future risk stratification and risk-adapted patient care?

Prepregnancy BMI (kg/m2)HbA1c at the 1st GDM booking (%/ mmol/mol))Cesarean sectionLGAa
<  25< 5.5/3727%12%
<  25≥ 5.5/3736%14%
≥ 25< 5.5/3738%20%
≥ 25≥ 5.5/3748%23%
  1. Abbreviations: LGA Large for gestational age, BMI Body mass index, HbA1c Glycated hemoglobin, GDM Gestational diabetes mellitus
  2. a birth weight > 90th percentile for sex and gestational age using the Intergrowth 21st newborn size application tool [30]