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Table 6 Spearman correlation coefficients between factors associated with outcomes of VBAC

From: Indicators for mode of delivery in pregnant women with uteruses scarred by prior caesarean section: a retrospective study of 679 pregnant women

 D. duration (min)O. time (h)M. age (year)Weight (g)After VDPrior to VDInterval (year)G. age (weeks)GravidityParity
D. duration (min)1.0000.452**−0.245**0.340**−0.228**−0.199**− 0.163*0.093− 0.225**−0.307**
O. time (h)0.452**1.000−0.153*0.115−0.094−0.055− 0.149*0.082− 0.141−0.100
M. age (year)−0.245**−0.153*1.0000.0040.377**0.386**0.422**−0.194**0.503**0.560**
Weight (g)0.340**0.1150.0041.0000.0890.0720.0380.168*0.1310.100
After VD−0.228**−0.0940.377**0.0891.000−0.0640.498**−0.0540.455**0.607**
Prior to VD−0.199**−0.0550.386**0.072−0.0641.0000.119−0.0870.584**0.704**
Interval (year)−0.163*−0.149*0.422**0.0380.498**0.1191.000−0.0690.343**0.411**
G. age (weeks)0.0930.082−0.194**0.168*−0.054−0.087− 0.0691.000−.120− 0.118
Gravidity−0.225**− 0.1410.503**0.1310.455**0.584**0.343**−0.1201.0000.786**
  1. Prior to and after VD number, the number of vaginal deliveries (VD) prior to and after the last cesarean section (CS). G. age, gestational age; M. age, maternal age; VBAC, vaginal birth after CS
  2. Gravidity and parity, the number of gravidity and parity prior to this vaginal delivery. D. duration, the duration of the second stage delivery. O. time, opening time, the duration of the first stage of delivery (time spent on opening cervical canal). *, p < 0.05; ** p < 0.01