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Table 4 Indicators for CS selection

From: Indicators for mode of delivery in pregnant women with uteruses scarred by prior caesarean section: a retrospective study of 679 pregnant women

Indicatorsn = 351P
Maternal preferencen = 207 (58.97%)0.000c
 Abnormal pelvic58 
 Abnormal AP50 
 Suspected UR16 
 Short interval (< 2 years)10 
Abruptio placentae/PROM24 
Fetal preferencen = 144 (41.03%) 
 Postmature birth57 
 Abnormal AF37 
 Twins of multiple birth9 
  1. c χ2 test; CS, cesarean section; PROM, premature rupture of membrane; Abnormal AF (amniotic fluid) includes less amniotic fluid and amniotic fluid pollution; Abnormal AP (active phase) includes protracted active phase dilatation, protracted descent pattern and prolonged latent phase of labor. Comorbidity includes hypertension, diabetes and preeclampsia or eclampsia; UR, uterus rupture; Malpresentation includes breech presentation and transverse presentation; Other reasons for fetal conditions include history of fetal death/abnormal heart rate