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Table 3 Identification of factors associated with selection of CS by logistic regression analysis

From: Indicators for mode of delivery in pregnant women with uteruses scarred by prior caesarean section: a retrospective study of 679 pregnant women

IndicatorsβOR95% CIP
Maternal age (years)0.0431.0441.010–1.0970.010
Gravidity (times)−0.1480.8630.638–1.1660.336
Parity (times)−0.2910.7480.453–1.2350.256
Gestational age (weeks)0.1381.1481.024–1.2860.018
Interval from the last CS−0.0900.9140.842–0.9920.031
Prior vaginal delivery (times)0.1331.1420.717–1.8180.577
Birth weight0.0001.0001.000–1.0010.135
  1. CS cesarean section, OR odds ratio