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Table 2 Association between preeclampsia status and baseline serum concentration of AMH levels using the Buckley-James methoda (n = 781)

From: Association between ovarian reserve and preeclampsia: a cohort study

 Relative difference in AMH, (mg/L) (95% CI)
PE Vs. non-PE0.06 (−0.26, 0.14)
 Adjusted for age(year)0.01 (−0.26, 0.24)
 Adjusted for age(year) and BMI(kg/m2)0.0 (−0.25, 0.25)
 Adjusted for age(year), BMI(kg/m2) and smoking status(ever/never)0.01 (−0.26, 0.24)
 Adjusted for age(year), BMI(kg/m2), smoking status (ever/never)and family history of hypertension(yes/no)0.02 (−0.23, 0.27)
  1. PE experienced preeclampsia during follow ups; non-PE not experienced preeclampsia during follow ups; BMI body mass index; AMH anti-mullerian hormone
  2. a Buckley-James method was used as linear regression analysis with censoring on log-transformed AMH,if the AMH level was undetectable (<.16 mg/L), AMH values were censored