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Table 1 Roles of health professionals

From: Diabetes care in remote Australia: the antenatal, postpartum and inter-pregnancy period

Type of careWho is involved
DIP Antenatal screening- primary care doctor, midwife, and sometimes obstetrician (early screening in high risk groups would usually be primary care doctor, as the woman is not usually seen by an obstetirician in first trimester)
DIP Antenatal care- team-based care, usually involves primary care doctor (GP/Remote Medical Practioner), midwife, obstetrician, diabetes educator, dietitian
- possibly endocrinologist depending on needs of woman and/or remote area nurse (or chronic disease nurse if urban)
DIP Post-partum screening- primary care doctor, midwife and/or nurse
DIP Post-partum care- immediately post-partum in hospital: midwife, dietitian, diabetes educator, obstetrician, possibly endocrinologist
- after discharge: primary care doctor, midwife, diabetes educator, remote area nurse/chronic disease nurse.
Pre-pregnancy counselling- primary care doctor/nurse (rural health nurse/chronic disease nurse); diabetes educator (if pre-existing); endocrinologist (if referred by GP most women would not see an endocrinologist until pregnant and diagnosed with DIP)