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Table 4 Social Support and Stressful Life Event Questionnaire (SSSLEQ)

From: Associations between maternal social support and stressful life event with ventricular septal defect in offspring: a case-control study

Social support None Rarely Some time Often Frequently
Relationship support      
Did you often chat with someone?      
Did you often Contact with your close friends?      
Did your colleague easy to get along with?      
Emotional support      
Did anyone care about you?      
Did anyone give you emotional support?      
Help with daily tasks      
Did anyone give you a suggestion?      
Did your colleague help you?      
Did anyone help you with your housework?      
Stressful life events No Yes
Financial problems   
Divorce/couple separated   
Husband violence   
Lost job   
Illness/injury of someone close   
Death of someone close   
Relationship difficulties   
Accident/natural disaster   
  1. Note: A series of questions about social support and stressful life events were asked in separate sections of the questionnaire. From these questions, we determined whether mothers had received social support and experienced stressful life events during the periconceptional period