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Table 6 Multivariate logistic regression of factors independently associated with poor perception of caesarean section among pregnant women attending antenatal clinic; adjusting for education status, age and religion

From: Maternal perceptions about caesarean section deliveries and their role in reducing perinatal and neonatal mortality in the Upper West Region of Ghana; a cross-sectional study

Maternal characteristics Crude Odds Ratio 95% Confidence interval P-Value
Willingness to undergo CS if the need be
 No or undecided 3.8 2.0–7.3 0.001
Is there any facility you would avoid for child delivery
 Yes 0.4 0.2–0.8 0.005
Preference of planned caesarean section versus vaginal delivery
 Prefer planned caesarean section   
 Prefer Spontaneous vaginal delivery 6.3 3.0–13.4 0.001
Study site: Currently attending Antenatal clinic in a regional versus district hospital
 Regional (Upper West regional hospital, Wa) 3.0 1.7–5.2 0.000
 District (St Joseph’s hospital, Jirapa)   
History of a previous caesarean section    
 No previous caesarean section 2.4 1.4–4.1 0.001
 Had a previous caesarean section   
Preferred mode of delivery
 Caesarean section   
 Vaginal delivery 3.0 1.3–6.7 0.007