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Table 1 Search words aligned to PICO

From: mHealth communication to strengthen postnatal care in rural areas: a systematic review

VariableSearch Words
Postnatal mothers or involved community members (any person that could support the mother/baby to ensure better PNC outcome, e.g., father; grandmother; village elder; community health worker)
(family* or families* or mother* or father* or parent* or (communit* n3 (carer* or caregiver* or care-giver* or “care giver*” or “lay worker*” or “health worker*” or volunteer*)
(child* or pediatr* or paediatr* or postnatal* or post-natal* or neonat* or newborn* or “after birth*” or “MATERNAL health service*”)
Mhealth intervention
(mHealth or “mobile health” or sms or “mobile phone*” or “mobile telephone*” or cellphone* or “cell phone*” or “text* messag*” or “short message service*“or mHealth or m-health or “mobile health” or ehealth or e-health or sms* or “instant messag*” or “mobile phone*” or “mobile telephone*” or cellphone* or “cellular phone*” or “cellular telephone*” or smartphone* or “smart phone*” or “mobile device*” or “electronic device*” or “portable device*” or “phone intervention*” or “telephon* intervention*“or online or app or apps or “WIRELESS communication systems in medical care” or “ONLINE information services”)
beliefs, attitude; norms; self-efficiency; skills; intention; environmental constraints
(belief* or conviction* or faith or trust* or norm or norms or custom* or attitude* or outlook* or approach* or Self-efficac* or ability* or Skill or skills or expertis* or ability* or talent* or proficien* or knowhow or capability* or knack or competent* or Intent* or determination* or planning or resolve or decide* or decision* or choose or select* or choice*)