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Table 2 GDM status according to self-reporteda and medicalb data in Growing Up in New Zealand

From: Prevalence of gestational diabetes according to commonly used data sources: an observational study

Self-reported GDM statusa GDM status according to medical datab P-value
Normal glucose tolerance GDM  
No diabetes 6039 (93.7%) 115 (1.7%) < 0.0005
GDM 61 (0.9%) 226 (3.5%)
  1. Data are presented as number of participants and percentages unless otherwise indicated, missing values have not been included in the column %. Women who were identified as having other forms of diabetes either by self-report or medical data (n = 113) were excluded from this table. Distributions are compared by Pearson chi-square test
  2. GDM gestational diabetes mellitus, n number
  3. aSelf-reported data from antenatal and postpartum data collection points combined using responses “during this pregnancy only” and “for the first time in the last 14 weeks of pregnancy” as a proxy for GDM
  4. bMedical data combines data from the District Health Boards, Ministry of Health and laboratories