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Table 3 Example Interview Prompts

From: A qualitative cross-cultural analysis of NICU care culture and infant feeding in Finland and the U.S.

Topic Prompts
Becoming a Parent in the NICU Tell me your NICU story. What expectations did you have for your pregnancy and birth? Describe the first time you saw your infant. How did/does being in the NICU make you feel? Describe your day to day NICU routine.
Infant Feeding What were your infant feeding intentions? How was/is your infant fed while in the NICU? Describe the infant feeding education and support you experienced. What was the first time you pumped, did skin/skin, breastfeeding, etc. like?
Provider Interactions Describe a time you discussed infant feeding with a healthcare provider. How did the NICU staff support you in infant feeding? Describe a time you negotiated with a provider about your infant’s care.
Parenting Post Discharge How has the NICU impacted your parenting today? What are your hopes for your child’s nutrition in the future?