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Table 1 Descriptions of Supportive Accommodations for Families

From: A qualitative cross-cultural analysis of NICU care culture and infant feeding in Finland and the U.S.

Accommodation Finnish Unit U.S. Unit
Family Visiting Parents, including siblings, may stay overnight at the bedside as long as siblings are healthy. Other family members are welcomed to visit as desired per parent consent. Parents, but not siblings or other family members, are invited to stay overnight at the bedside. Other healthy family members can visit during daytime hours per parent consent.
Sleeping Arrangements One or two adult hospital beds are provided based on space in the infant’s room. In addition, sleeping rooms are available within the hospital. Families from out of town are also provided an apartment near the hospital to stay if desired. A recliner at the bedside is provided. There is limited access to sleeping rooms away from the bedside, which are usually used for families of infants close to discharge. Families from out of town are invited to stay in the Ronald McDonald House on the hospital campus.
Bathroom Arrangements 50% of single family rooms have a private bathroom with shower. The rest may access the bathroom and shower a short walk down the hall. There are no private bathrooms or showers provided in the unit, but parents who stay overnight may access showers in a separate part of the hospital.
Kitchen Access A full kitchen is shared among families on the unit and may be used to store and cook food. A kitchenette is accessible in the common area just outside the unit.
Laundry Access Laundry machines are located on the unit and accessible to all families. There is no laundry access for families.
Common Areas Two common areas are provided for families on the unit: one living room where social events and family classes are held, and one coffee/dining room where meals can be eaten. A common area is located just outside the unit with a kitchenette, couches, and dining tables.
Pumping and Milk Storage Mothers pump at the bedside with either the single-family room door closed or a curtain drawn for privacy if desired. Fresh milk is stored in a small fridge at the bedside and families have access to the milk kitchen where milk for fortification or already fortified milk is placed. Mothers may pump at the bedside or in a pumping room on the unit. If pumping at the bedside, a curtain may be drawn for privacy. All milk is stored in the milk kitchen and nurses manage the milk storage and access process.