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Table 1 Content of the interactive ultrasound examination

From: Experiences of interactive ultrasound examination among women at risk of preterm birth: a qualitative study

1. Starting phase
– Asking how the day has been for the mother and the baby
– Asking when the mother has seen the baby last time
– Asking mother’s wishes according to the session: Is there something you want to look at?
2. The joint observation phase
– The obstetrician explains what is presented on the ultrasound screen
– Observing together baby’s movements, swallowing, sucking, licking …
– Professionals are keeping their comments on a behavioral level, leaving space for the mother to create own meanings
– Sometimes mother can be asked to reflect on baby’s experiences or feelings
– Sometimes mother can be asked to reflect on own feelings while watching the baby
– If mother is expressing a worry that is always listened to and reflected together and answered, if possible
– Mothers positive observations are shared
3. Closing up phase
– Is there something else you would like to look at?
– How has it been for you to observe your baby like this?
– The obstetrician explains without medical terms her impression about baby’s well-being