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Table 5 Correlation between adiponectin concentrations in maternal serum & umbilical cord blood adiponectin and anthropometric measurements at birth (n = 75)

From: Adiponectin levels in maternal serum and umbilical cord blood at birth by mode of delivery: relationship to anthropometric measurements and fetal sex

Anthropometric measurements Maternal adiponectin Umbilical cord blood adiponectin
  r p r p
Birth weight (g) 0.18 0.11a 0.08 0.48a
Birth length (cm) 0.003 0.98a 0.11 0.32a
Birth head circumference (cm) 0.18 0.12a 0.20 0.08a
Birth chest circumference (cm) 0.17 0.13a 0.08 0.49a
  1. aSpearman correlation