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Table 6 Coding frequencies for most prevalent themes and exemplifying quotations regarding how messages changed the way participants (n = 80) fed their infant

From: Acceptability of a text message-based intervention for obesity prevention in infants from Hawai‘i and Puerto Rico WIC

Prevalent themes and coding frequencies Explanation of theme Exemplifying quotation
Changes-none none (HI = 7, PR = 8) Participant made no changes. “No, did not change the way I fed my baby.”
Changes-breastfeeding knowledge (HI = 2, PR = 10) Messages led participant to apply correct breastfeeding techniques. “It helped me produce more breast milk with the correct technique.”
Changes-feeding talk gestures (HI = 6, PR = 3) Participant started talking to baby during feedings and learned to observe baby’s gestures to indicate hunger. “Knowing crying doesn’t always mean hunger helped me pay more attention to baby’s cues.”
Changes-feeding solid time (HI = 3, PR = 6) Participant decided to wait for suggested time to start feeding infant solid foods. “Although some people told me to feed solid food to baby, I waited until 5–6 months.”
Changes-none already knew (HI = 6, PR = 3) Participant did not make any changes because they already knew the information. “No, I already knew the information in the messages.”
Changes-feeding caries (HI = 5, PR = 3) Participant stopped putting her infant to sleep with a bottle. “The message about putting baby to sleep with a bottle- I was doing this and then stopped doing it after reading the message.”
  1. Note: HI Hawai‘i, PR Puerto Rico