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Table 2 Responses from participants in week 14 regarding which message they liked the most in the text message-based intervention

From: Acceptability of a text message-based intervention for obesity prevention in infants from Hawai‘i and Puerto Rico WIC

Week delivered Message Number of participants: Puerto Rico (n = 15) Number of participants: Hawai‘i (n = 17)
2 When breastfeeding, make sure the nipple and the area around is inside baby’s mouth. If baby eats from the tips, they will crack. Always correct the position. 1  
3 Breastfeeding is the best way to feed your baby, but it may be hard. Put your baby to your breast and you will have more milk. Ask for help.   1
6 Breastfeed your baby from the same breast until it feels empty. That way, your baby gets the fat that comes at the end and will be full longer.   1
8 Your milk is the best food for baby for the first 6 months of life. If you cannot put your baby directly to your breast, you can give it in a bottle or cup.   2
8 You can tell if you have enough milk by counting wet diapers. Your baby should have 6 or more wet diapers every day after the 4th day of birth.   1
9 Babies have growth spurts and want to breastfeed often, which increases hunger. Your baby will drink more to increase your milk for 3 days. This is normal.   2
10 If you give milk in a bottle, do not add other foods such as baby cereal or baby food. If your baby seems full, do not force him/her to finish it. 1 1
13 Prepare your milk stock by extracting milk at the end of every feeding and put it in the fridge in a clean bottle. At the end of the day you will have 2–3 oz. 1 1
14 Do not put your baby to sleep with the bottle or cup. The milk residue can lead to cavities and to excess weight.   1
15 Your baby is ready to eat when he/she sits on his/her own, opens his/her mouth, chews and leans toward foods. Wait until 6 months to start feeding other foods. 7  
16 When your baby is 6 months, you can give meat, cereals with iron, or vegetables (puree), 1 at a time and using a spoon. Wait 3 days before giving a new food. 4  
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