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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria of the OTTILIA and FIRST registries

From: Rationale and design of two prospective, multicenter, observational studies on reproductive outcome in women with recurrent failures after spontaneous or assisted conception: OTTILIA and FIRST registries

Inclusion criteria
 • Pregnancy confirmed by urine/blood pregnancy test or ultrasound examination
 • Previous recurrent otherwise unexplained PL
  ≥3 or 2 PL in the presence of at least 1 normal fetal karyotype
 • At least 1 previous IUFD
  A loss after 20 weeks of a morphologically normal fetus
• ART cycle at enrolment
First, second and third level ART cycles
• 2 or more implantation failures/losses of clinical pregnancies after ART (independently of the number of embryos transferred)
At least 2 previous cycles with negative pregnancy test and/or PL after a positive pregnancy test
Exclusion criteria
 • Personal history of venous and/or arterial thromboembolism
 • Allergy to LMWHs
 • Uterine abnormalities
 • Cervical incompetence
 • Chromosomal abnormalities in parents
 • Known hemorrhagic diathesis
• Uterine abnormalities
• Hydrosalpinx
• Chromosomal abnormalities in parents
• Known hemorrhagic diathesis
• Previous inclusion in the study
  1. PL pregnancy loss, IUFD intrauterine fetal death, ART assisted reproductive technologies, LMWHs low-molecular-weight heparins