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Table 3 Cochrane Risk of Bias for Randomized Control Trials

From: The effects of vigorous intensity exercise in the third trimester of pregnancy: a systematic review and meta-analysis

  Selection bias
Random sequence generation
Selection bias
Allocation concealment
Reporting bias
Selective reporting
Other bias
Other sources of bias
Performance bias Blinding
(participants & personnel)
Detection bias
Blinding (outcome assessment)
Attrition bias
Incomplete outcome data
Ruchat, et al. (2012) [29, 30] L U L L H L H
Bisson, et al., (2015) [31] L L L L L L L
Cavalcante, et al. (2009) [32] L L L L L L L
Hopkins, et al. (2010) [33] U U L L L L L
Wang, et al. (2017) [34] L L L L L L L