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Table 1 Measurement of variables

From: Predictors of teenage pregnancy among girls aged 13–19 years in Uganda: a community based case-control study

Main variables Sub-variables Measurements
Dependent variable Currently pregnant Yes/no
Demographic characteristics Age of teenage girl Age in completed years
Place of residence Rural/urban area
School attendance Still in school or not
Parental educational level No education, primary education, secondary education or post-secondary education
Parental occupation Farmer, business, government/non-governmental organisation or others…
Parents alive Father/mother alive or dead
Behavioural factors Age at first sexual intercourse Age in completed years
Multiple sexual partners Having concurrent number of sexual partners
Frequency of sexual intercourse Average number of sexual intercourse per week
Contraceptive use Regular use of contraceptive methods during sexual intercourse – yes/no
Familial factors Household socio-economic status Ownership of households properties, categorized as; high socio-economic status, medium socio-economic status or low socio-economic status
Marital status Currently married or not
Parental divorce/separation Father/mother divorced/separated
Person teenage lived with Father, mother, both parents, relative or husband
Domestic violence Yes/no
Physical neglect Yes/no
Social factors Peer pressure Yes/no
Sexual abuse Yes/no
Control over sex Yes/no
Awareness on adolescent sexual and reproductive health Yes/no
Perception of cultural norm on sex before 18 years Yes/no