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Fig. 3

From: Improvement of Quality of Antenatal Care (ANC) Service Provision at the Public Health Facilities in Lao PDR: Perspective and Experiences of Supply and Demand Sides

Fig. 3

Problem tree of quality of ANC provision-experiences. This figure indicated the main problems of quality of ANC provision and experiences of care including possible solutions. The main problems included poor communication, poor examination, inappropriate behavior-attitude of health care providers, medical ethic issues, and lack of materials, lack of medicine and no specific room for counseling. However, the possible solutions for poor communication, poor examination, and medical ethic problem can be done by providing a short-term training for health care providers, and providing long-term training for students at medical school. In addition, providing monitoring-supervision, feedback system and role model would help to improve inappropriate behavior-attitude, and medical ethic problem. On the other hand, improving essential physical resources would help to solve the problems on lacking of essential medicines, effective material and specific room for counseling

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