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Table 2 Distribution of types of disrespect and abuse reported by mothers during child birth, JUMC, Oct to Dec 2016

From: Prevalence of disrespect and abuse during facility based child birth and associated factors, Jimma University Medical Center, Southwest Ethiopia

Categories of disrespect and abuse Types of disrespect and abuse (n = 290) Number (%)
Physical harm or ill-treatment mother did not cared for in a culturally appropriate way 218 (75.2)
mother denied food/fluid without medical indication 108 (37.2)
mother did not receive pain-relief as necessary 103 (35.5)
mother and newborn were separated without medical indication 35 (12.1)
mother was physically confined 7 (2.4)
physical force was used (e.g. slapping/hitting the mother) 7 (2.4)
Non-consented care service provider did not introduce him/herself to the mother 232 (80.0)
mother was not encouraged to ask questions 220 (75.9)
consent or permission prior to any procedure not obtained 185 (63.8)
service provider did not explain what is being done and expected outcome during labor and birth 150 (51.7)
periodic updates on status and progress of labor not given 143 (49.3)
service provider did not answer questions promptly, politely and truthfully 129 (44.5)
mother not allowed to move about during labor 111 (38.3)
mother not allowed to take position of choice during childbirth 32 (11.0)
Non-confidential care curtains or other visual barriers not used 237 (81.7)
Non-dignified care service provider did not speak politely 95 (32.8)
mother was insulted, intimidated, threaten, or coerced 55 (19.0)
Discrimination on specific grounds/ characteristics mother shown disrespect based on religion or ethnicity or place of residence, etc. 47 (16.2)
a language or language-level that mother cannot understand was used 39 (13.4)
Abandonment or denial of care provider did not arrive quickly when called 105 (36.2)
mother was not encouraged to call provider if needed 85 (29.3)
mother was left alone or unattended 56 (19.3)
Detention or confinement in facilities mother was delayed in health facility against her will 75 (25.9)
Overall prevalence of disrespect and abuse mothers who faced disrespect and abuse in at least one of the seven categories 266 (91.7)