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Table 2 Diagnosis and inclusion Criteria in the three groups

From: B cell activation factor (BAFF) induces inflammation in the human fallopian tube leading to tubal pregnancy

group diagnosis and inclusion Criteria
Salpingitis group HSG diagnosis of salpingitis or fallopian tube occlusion or hydrosalpinx
History of pelvic inflammatory disease or previous tubal pregnancy
Pathological diagnosis of inflammatory changes in the epithelium of the fallopian tube
Tubal pregnancy group Spontaneous conception with no history of assisted reproduction
Diagnosis of tubal pregnancy in the ampullary region
No intrauterine device and receive methotrexate treatment before surgery
No acute hemorrhagic shock
Control group Ultrasound diagnosis of hysteromyoma and/or patients’ serious symptoms with surgical indications
Endometrial hyperplasia but no reproductive requirement
CINIII combined with other benign gynecological disorders but no reproductive requirement