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Table 3 The women’s thoughts and explanations for the death of the foetus

From: Few women receive a specific explanation of a stillbirth - an online survey of women’s perceptions and thoughts about the cause of their baby’s death

1. Placental, umbilical cord and amniotic complications (28.6%) Malnutrition
Ablatio placenta
Placenta insufficiency
Placenta - less function
Placenta - infarction
Placenta - calcifications
Placenta - small
Placenta - clots
Umbilical cord
Umbilical cord - less flow
Umbilical cord - clamped
Umbilical cord - knot
Umbilical cord - short
Umbilical cord - clot
Umbilical cord - around the neck/body
Amniotic fluid - none left
Amniotic fluid - too little
Amniotic fluid - too much
Pressure changes due to amniotic flow
2. Diseases and complications in the foetus (18.1%) Arrhythmia of the foetus
Cerebral haemorrhage of the foetus
Congenital weakness of the foetus
Stress in foetus
Suffocation (due to contractions)
Anaemia/bled to death
3. Risk factors, diseases and infections in mothers (14,1%) Primipara
In vitro fertilisation
Large for gestational age
Disease in mother
Advanced age of the mother
Overweight mother
Infection in mother
Infection sepsis
Urinary infection
4. Pregnancy complications (14.6%) Gestational diabetes - undiagnosed
Gestational hepatosis
High blood pressure
Incipient preeclampsia
Flattening growth curve
Estimated due date (birth) - wrong date
Postterm pregnancy > 42 + 0 weeks
Labour that was delayed/too (< 42 + 0 weeks)
Clamped belly
Cramps during pregnancy
Strong/multiple contractions
5. Tobacco and drugs (3.5%) Nicotine (smoke and snuff)
Drugs - asthma
Drugs - immunosuppressive
Drugs - cough drops
Drugs - antibiotic
Drugs - antiemetic
Drugs - pain relief
Drugs - vaccination (influenza)
6. External factors (21.6%) Lack of rest
Flights - many at work
Slept on wrong side
Stress in mother
Traffic accident one week before labour
Heavy workload
It was meant to happen/fate
Lack of management
Loss of additional controls
Lack of responsiveness from healthcare personnel
Lack of controls
Ultrasound exam was denied
Does not trust the healthcare provider anymore - ignorance
7. Unknown reasons (19.1%) Does not know
No opinion
No answer yet
No cause of death
No idea
Many thoughts but I do not know
I have no explanation of my own