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Table 2 Explanations from the healthcare personnel for the death of the foetus

From: Few women receive a specific explanation of a stillbirth - an online survey of women’s perceptions and thoughts about the cause of their baby’s death

1. Placental complications (40.5%) Clot(s) in placenta and umbilical cord
Clots in uterus
Placental abruption
Small or immature placenta
Vasa previa
2. Umbilical cord complications (30.2%) Umbilical cord wrapped tightly around the neck/body
Knot in the umbilical cord leading to hypoxia
3. Obstetric conditions (0.9%) Growth restriction (small for gestational age)
4. Sudden infant death syndrome, SIDS (8.6%) SIDS
5. Abnormalities (6.9%) Abnormality/undeveloped organs
Down’s syndrome
Damaged lungs
6. Infections (6.0%) Sepsis
Infection in the placenta
Inflamed placenta
GBS (beta-haemolytic streptococci)
7. Birth complications (1.8%) Rupture of the uterus
8. Unknown reasons (5.2%) Unclear/unknown (still waiting)