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Table 1 Items in the comprehensive and delivery-only indicesa

From: Measuring the quality of maternal and care processes at the time of delivery in sub-Saharan Africa: development and validation of a short index

Indicator Comprehensive Index Delivery-only Index
Checks woman’s HIV status (checks chart or asks woman) and/or offers woman HIV test +
Asks whether woman has experienced headaches or blurred vision +
Asks whether woman has experienced vaginal bleeding +
Takes blood pressure +
Takes pulse +
Washes his/her hand before any examination +
Wears high-level disinfected or sterile gloves for vaginal examination +
At least once, explains what will happen in labor to the woman and/or her support person + +
Uses partograph (during labor) + +
Prepares uterotonic drug to use for AMTSL + +
Self-inflating ventilation bag (500 mL) and face masks (size 0 and size 1) are laid out and ready for use for neonatal resuscitation + +
Correctly administers uterotonic (timing, dose, route) + +
Immediately dries baby with towel + +
Places newborn on mother’s abdomen skin-to-skin + +
Ties or clamps cord when pulsations stop, or by 2–3 min after birth (not immediately after birth) + +
Assesses completeness of placenta and membranes + +
Assesses for perineal and vaginal lacerations + +
Takes mother’s vital signs 15 min after birth + +
Palpates uterus 15 min after birth + +
Assists mother to initiate breastfeeding within one hour + +
  1. aIf an item is in an index this is signified by ‘+.’ If an item is not in an index, this is signified by ‘-’