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Table 4 Bayesian Linear Regression

From: Mother-infant bonding is not associated with feeding type: a community study sample

Model Comparison: Total PBQ Score
Models P(M) P(M|data) BF M BF 10 error %
Null model (incl. Infant age) 0.500 0.819 4.518 1.000  
Breastfeeding 0.500 0.181 0.221 0.221 0.010
  1. Breastfeeding variable with three levels (current | past | never). P(M) prior model probabilities, P(M|data) the updated probabilities after accounting for the data, BFM Bayes Factor of the model, reflects the degree to which the data have changed the prior odds, BF10 odds for H1 (1/BF10 odds for null hypothesis). Model includes infant age