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Table 1 Variable definitions

From: Evaluation of risk factors’ importance on adverse pregnancy and neonatal outcomes in women aged 40 years or older

Variable Categories
Maternal age ≤39 years of age, 40–44 years of age, ≥45 years of age
Civil status Married/cohabiting, Single
Employment Unemployed/student/other, Full time employment, Part time employment
Maternal BMI Normal, Underweight, Overweight, Obese
Tobacco use No, Yes
Chronic illness No, Yes
ART No, Yes
Pre-eclampsia/eclampsia No, Yes
Gestational diabetes No, Yes
Gestational hypertension No, Yes
Premature contractions No, Yes
Infection during pregnancy No, Yes
Haemmorhage (pre-, intra-, and post-partum) No, Yes
Paracervical block No, Yes
Pethidine No, Yes
Pudendal block No, Yes
Epidural No, Yes
Mode of delivery Normal delivery, Elective caesarean, Emergency caesarean, Instrumental delivery
Gestational age Very preterm, < 32 weeks, Preterm, 32–36 weeks, At term, 37–42 weeks, Post term, > 42 weeks
Birthweight Normal birthweight, > = 2500 g, Low birthweight, 1500-2499 g, Very low birthweight, < 1500 g
Size for gestational age Appropriate for gestational age (AGA), Small for gestational age (SGA), Large for gestational age (LGA)
Apgar, 5 min 0–6, 7–10
Apgar, 10 min 0–6, 7–10
Child’s health at delivery Healthy – Yes, Healthy – No
Neonatal survival 0–27 days, > = 28 days