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Table 5 Postnatal care attendance for the most recent birth among women who delivered at home after four or more antenatal care visits by socio-demographic characteristics, Ethiopia, 2016

From: Facility delivery and postnatal care services use among mothers who attended four or more antenatal care visits in Ethiopia: further analysis of the 2016 demographic and health survey

Characteristics of Mothers Percent PNC Attended
Age of the mother in years  
 Mean (SD) 28.3 (6.2)
Educational level  
 No education 8.5
 Primary 7.9
 Secondary & above 11.8
 Christian 9.9
 Other 5.7
Marital status  
 Married/in union 8.3
 Other 9.3
Place of residence  
 Urban 24.0
 Rural 7.6
Wealth index  
 Poorest 7.3
 Poorer 8.6
 Middle 11.1
 Richer 7.5
 Richest 20.5
Mother’s working status  
 No 7.5
 Yes 11.3
Perceived distance to health facility  
 Big problem 5.2
 Not a big problem 13.1
Number of ANC components received Mean(±SD) 5(±1.3