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Table 1 The seven categories of disrespect and abuse [14] and the corresponding human rights indicators [9]

From: “We are the ones who should make the decision” – knowledge and understanding of the rights-based approach to maternity care among women and healthcare providers

Category of Disrespect and Abuse Corresponding Right
1. Physical abuse Freedom from harm and ill treatment
2. Non-consented care Right to information, informed consent and refusal, and respect for choices and preferences, including the right to companionship of choice wherever possible
3. Non-confidential care Confidentiality, privacy
4. Non-dignified care (including verbal abuse) Dignity, respect
5. Discrimination based on specific attributes Equality, freedom from discrimination, equitable care
6. Abandonment or denial of care Right to timely healthcare and to the highest attainable level of health
7. Detention in facilities Liberty, autonomy, self-determination, and freedom from coercion