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Table 1 Cash transfer conditions and payouts

From: Conditional cash transfers to prevent mother-to-child transmission in low facility-delivery settings: evidence from a randomised controlled trial in Nigeria

Transfer Condition Amount
1 Enrol in the CCT programmea Part 1: 1000 Naira (~US$3) + 300 Naira (~US$1) of mobile phone credits
Part 2: 6000 Naira (~US$20)
2 Deliver at the facility where enroled 20,000 Naira (~US$70)
3 Obtain an EID test (only eligible to women who delivered at the facility) 6000 Naira (~US$20)
  1. aPart 1 of Transfer 1 was given at the time of enrolment. Part 2 of Transfer 1 was available for retrieval at a bank 1 day after enrolment