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Table 1 Themes and Sub-themes

From: Societal attitude and behaviours towards women with disabilities in rural Nepal: pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood

Theme Sub-theme
Misconception and misunderstanding about disability - Disability as a symbol of misfortune
- Doubts about sexuality and ability to conceive and care
- Passing on their disability
- Disability as their identity
Neglected/Ignored sexual and reproductive needs and rights of women with disabilities - Discouragement of disabled women’s marriage and family life
- Pregnancy and child birth of women with disability as an additional burden to the family and society
Rejection and Exclusion by the family and society - Rejection of reproductive choice
- Exclusion from family decision making and community groups
Facing challenges due to powerlessness - Discrimination and exploitation
- Violence and abuse
- Perceived risk and fear
Emotional support - Encouragement from family, neighbours and healthcare providers
- Empathy, love and support; strengths