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Table 3 Participant demographics and health behaviours

From: Understanding health behaviour in pregnancy and infant feeding intentions in low-income women from the UK through qualitative visual methods and application to the COM-B (Capability, Opportunity, Motivation-Behaviour) model

Pseudonym Highest qualification Parity (maternal age at birth (years)) Gestation (weeks) at recruitment Smoking/e-cigarette use/smokefree environment during pregnancy Alcohol use during pregnancy Infant feeding experiences and intentions
Anna NVQ 2 2 (23, 26) 8 Smoked on previous pregnancy, non-smoker during current pregnancy Moderate* drinking during current pregnancy - “The odd one” Attempted on first child, but moved to formula within first few days
Plans to formula feed current baby
Becky NVQ 2 1 (22) 18 Prior to previous pregnancy was smoking 15–20/day. Changed to e-cigarette and has remained an e-cigarette user throughout current pregnancy Almost abstinent during current pregnancy - Not generally, but would have a small amount on special occasion (eg: her birthday). Combination fed first child
Plans to attempt to breastfeed
Drank moderately during previous pregnancies
Cat NVQ 1 1 (23) 10 Smoker during current pregnancy – 1-2 per day Moderate alcohol consumption during current pregnancy - One or two drinks Did not attempt to breastfeed first child
Conflicted about whether to try to initiate breastfeeding.
Donna Degree 2 (28, 30) 20 Non-smoker; partner is a non-smoker; avoids smokey environments Abstinent during current pregnancy; generally drinks a small amount Attempted on first child, but moved to formula ‘quite quick’. Breastfed second child for 11 months.
Plans to breastfeed current baby
Ellie NVQ 2 1 (25) 10 Not discussed but home was not smokefree Not discussed Not fully discussed, but plans to buy a steriliser
Fiona None 2 (17, 27) 9 Not discussed Abstinent Unclear how fed previous baby, but used a steriliser and bottle.
Plans to formula feed current baby.
Gaby GCSEs 3 (22, 24, 27) 6 Non-smoker Abstinent – always abstinent Tried to breastfeed three previous children (two quickly transitioned to formula; one breastfed for a month before transition to formula).
Plans to formula feed current baby, but did state would try to initiate breastfeeding.
Hayley A Levels 1 (29) 29 Non-smoker during current pregnancy – used to smoke Abstinent during current pregnancy Breastfed first baby for three months with one bottle of formula per day.
Hopes to breastfeed current baby for at least two weeks.
Almost abstinent during previous pregnancy would have a small amount on special occasion (eg: her birthday).
Imogen NVQ 2 1 (24) 8 non-smoker during current pregnancy Abstinent during current pregnancy; Rarely drinks anyway Not discussed, but had a traumatic birth and postnatal depression
Jess GCSEs 0 11 Smoker – unsuccessful quit attempt in current pregnancy; trying to cut down Abstinent during current pregnancy Will attempt to initiate breastfeeding; plans to combination feed
  1. *We defined 'moderate' drinking as one or two drinks on a regular or semi-regular basis