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Table 2 Men’s knowledge of danger signs during pregnancy, labor and postpartum

From: Male involvement in the maternal health care system: implication towards decreasing the high burden of maternal mortality

Obstetric danger sign N (%)
During Pregnancy
 High fever 105(12.7%)
 Severe abdominal pain 97(11.8%)
 Excessive vaginal bleeding 94(11.4%)
 Abnormal body movements 61(7.4%)
 Severe headache 70(8.5%)
 Swollen hands/face 59(7.2%)
 Loss of consciousness 33(4%)
 Blurred vision 13(1.6%)
 Knowledge of at least one sign 407(49.4%)
During Childbirth
 Excessive vaginal bleeding 102(12.4%)
 Abnormal body movements 54(6.5%)
 Retained placenta 37(4.5%)
 High fever 98(11.9%)
 Prolonged labor 85(10.3%)
 Severe headache 64(7.8%)
 Loss of consciousness 29(3.5%)
 Knowledge of at least one sign 271(32.9%)
During postpartum
 Excessive vaginal bleeding 105(12.7%)
 High fever 99(12%)
 Abnormal body movements 56(6.8%)
 Loss of consciousness 31(3.8%)
 Foul smelling discharge 74(8.9%)
 Severe headache 78(9.5%)
 Knowledge at least one sign 213(25.8%)
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