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Table 3 Aggregated suggestions for improving the maternity care pathway as collaboratively provided by midwives and health visitors

From: A focus group study of women’s views and experiences of maternity care as delivered collaboratively by midwives and health visitors in England

Pregnancy Labour/birth Postnatal
• Midwife-health visitor combined session/appointment •Information sharing between midwives and health visitors •Increased postnatal support
 ◦ Content: Introduction session, guidance regarding what is to come, opportunity to ask questions  ◦Ensure that information shared is consistent or accurate  ◦Make appropriate referrals
 ◦ Format: Group or combined midwife-health visitor appointment  ◦Obtain consent in a respectful way  ◦Increase mental health, and breastfeeding support
 ◦ Where: Group sessions could be at Children’s Centres   
 ◦When: Towards end/second half of pregnancy