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Table 2 Overview on the SGA risk after bariatric surgery, comparing malabsorptive to restrictive surgery, adapted from Johansson [29] Gascoin [63] Chevrot [139] Sheiner [101] and Ducarme [118]

From: Pregnancy after bariatric surgery: a narrative literature review and discussion of impact on pregnancy management and outcome

Control Group Study Participants SGA SGA after malabsorptive surgery SGA after restrictive surgery p-Value
Women after BS vs obese controls Johansson 670/2356 15.6% vs 7.6% n.d. n.d. < 0.001
Women after BS vs lean pregnant women Gascoin 56/56   n.d n.d. NS
Women after malabsorptive surgery vs women with restrictive surgery Chevrot 58/81 n.d. 17 7 < 0.001
Women after restrictive vs women after malabsorptive surgery Sheiner 394/55 n.d. 7.3 12.8 NS
Women after RYGB vs women after LAGB Ducarme 31/63 n.d. 32.3% 17.1% NS