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Table 3 KAP Survey on HBV Transmission and Prevention Methods

From: Rates of HBV, HCV, HDV and HIV type 1 among pregnant women and HIV type 1 drug resistance-associated mutations in breastfeeding women on antiretroviral therapy

  Frequency (%)
Awareness of mode of HBV transmission  
 Mother-to-child 47.1
 Blood transfusion 51.5
 Sharing of personal objects 39.5
 Sexual intercourse 47.8
 Direct contact with body fluid of an infected individual 30.8
Awareness of HBV prevention methods
 Usage of personal objects 37.4
 Fidelity 23.7
 Abstinence 22.5
 Vaccination 83.3
 Condom use 30.4
Awareness of virus serologic status before study
 HIV 63.8
 HBV 5.9
 HCV 0
HBV vaccination 2.5