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Table 3 Themes/Subthemes

From: Waking up every day in a body that is not yours: a qualitative research inquiry into the intersection between eating disorders and pregnancy

Theme/Subtheme Description
Control Mentions of control either regarding their eating disorder or pregnancy/future pregnancy
Disclosure to Others Choice (& decisions in choice) to tell others about their ED, including family/friends or medical professionals
Battle Between Pregnancy & ED The internal battle expressed between a woman’s ED & her mothering instinct
Decision to Have Child The factors involved in decided whether to have a future child or keep/abort an unplanned pregnancy
Emotions Towards Pregnancy Emotions towards pregnancy or initial reactions upon becoming pregnant
Focus on Child/Greater Good Focusing on the wellbeing of the child or sacrificing oneself for the ‘greater good’
Intergenerational Transmission Worry regarding whether their children or future children would also suffer from EDs or body image concerns
Weight & Body Image Concerns Concerns about body image or weight primarily regarding pregnancy (including pregnancy weight gain & loss, as well as OB weight checks)
Coping Strategies Ways expressed to cope with the challenges of a past or future pregnancy