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Table 2 Nulliparous demographic characteristics

From: Waking up every day in a body that is not yours: a qualitative research inquiry into the intersection between eating disorders and pregnancy

Participant Melissa Maria Marilyn Kimberly Sarah Louise
Age 28 29 25 28 25 29
Relationship Status Living w/partner but ending relationship In a relationship Single Married Single Married
Location Nova Scotia, Canada San José, Costa Rica Texas, US Colorado, US Delaware, US TX, US
Race Caucasian Hispanic Caucasian White Caucasian/white Caucasian
ED Type Bulimia, current EDNOS, past Past BED & current BN Past AN & BN Bulimia, current Past AN & BED
BMI 20.8 22.3a 27.4 18.8 22.5 22.9
Highest Education College Graduate School College College College Medical School
Current Job Support worker for individuals w/disabilities Chief of Staff to Congressman Paralegal Romance Writer Registered nurse Medical Resident
  1. AN anorexia, BN bulimia, BED binge eating disorder, EDNOS eating disorder not otherwise specified
  2. aSince last weighing, but has not varied much