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Table 4 Attitudes for acceptance of using modified WHO Safe Childbirth Checklist in routine practice among participated health workers in both hospitals

From: Experience with a context-specific modified WHO safe childbirth checklist at two tertiary care settings in Sri Lanka

Acceptance of using SCC in routine practice Frequency (%)
DSHW (n = 30) THMG (n = 36)
1. Modified WHO SCC should be made mandatory in Sri Lanka. (Strongly agree or Agree) 30 (100.0) 36 (100)
2. Modified WHO SCC improves inter-personal communication and team work among staff. (Strongly agree or Agree) 28 (93.3) 32 (88.9)
3. Modified WHO SCC helps to improve the quality of perinatal care. (Strongly agree or Agree) 30 (100.0) 32 (88.9)
4. If you or your family member is undergoing childbirth, should this modified WHO SCC be used. (Strongly agree or Agree) 29 (96.7) 36 (100)
5. Using the Modified WHO SCC is practical in Sri Lanka. (Strongly agree or Agree) 30 (100.0) 32 (88.9)
  1. WHO World Health Organization, SCC Safe Childbirth Checklist, DSHW De Soysa Hospital for Women, THMG Teaching Hospital Mahamodara Galle