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Table 2 Main outcome measures of the study with the newly modified version of WHO Safe Childbirth Checklist in both settings

From: Experience with a context-specific modified WHO safe childbirth checklist at two tertiary care settings in Sri Lanka

Hospital Average annual births Number of births during study period Number of deliveries in which mSCC had been used Adoption rate, % Total number of staff Response rate, % Mean (95% CI) adherence to Checklist practices, %
DSHW 4000 606 329 54.3 74 40.5 52.7 (44.1–58.5)
THMG 9000 814 153 18.8 90 40.0 32.2 (24.5–39.1)
  1. Adoption rate: Percentage of deliveries where modified Checklist was used, Response rate: Percentage of staff members responded to the questionnaire, Adherence: Mean percentage of checklist items checked out of total, DSHW De Soysa Hospital for Women, THMG Teaching Hospital Mahamodara Galle, mSCC Modified Safe Childbirth Checklist, CI Confidence Interval