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Table 6 Agreed core content for informational materials for both HCPs and women and their partners

From: Development of an integrated, district-wide approach to pre-pregnancy management for women with pre-existing diabetes in a multi-ethnic population

Why conception with poor glucose control and/or unsafe medications should be avoided
Contraception and family planning advice, with emphasis on the most effective contraception options (e.g. Long Acting Reversible Contraception and emergency contraception) to prevent unplanned pregnancies.
Emphasising the importance of glycaemic control using safe medications at least three months prior to conception
5 mg folic-acid uptake at least three months prior to pregnancy.
Avoidance/replacement of teratogenic drugs particularly for hypertension and dyslipidaemia
Importance of retinal, renal and vascular complication screening prior to conception
The risk of smoking during pregnancy
Online educational resources (e.g. National Diabetes Supply Scheme, Facebook and Instagram pages)
Contact details of local health services