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Table 1 Various types of cost with the data sources and methodology

From: Cost analysis of implementing mHealth intervention for maternal, newborn & child health care through community health workers: assessment of ReMIND program in Uttar Pradesh, India

Area Type of cost Type of Data collected Source of data Method of data collection
At two block levels Start up/Capital cost Cost on Module development, translation & piloting. Development of software, Equipment and mobile cost, overheads.
Preplanning meetings, ASHA trainings
Official documents of CRS, Vatsalya & Dimagi. Annual budget reports, bills receipts, Personal Interviews Primary data collection.
Time value contributed over the average age of the program
Implementation cost Salaries, travel, ASHA internet usage, utilities like office rent, electricity, telephone bills, stationary and printing.
Program support cost at state and national office
Official documents like bills, annual budget reports, Personal interview Primary data collection.
Time apportioned as per the time value spent/utilized on the activities related only to ReMiND program
Health system cost Health system cost on program implementation.
Incremental cost of service delivery due to increased utilization of MNCH services.
unit cost for per service utilization)
Incremental effect of intervention on ASHA payment.
Financial documents on ASHA incentives from Chief Medical officer’s Office, Personal Interviews, Observations during meetings at block, district and state level.
Literature review for unit cost per service utilization
Primary data collection.
Apportioning of the salaries of the officials as per the time spent on attending meetings at block, district and state level.
Costs from Patient perspective Out of pocket expenditure(OOPE) incurred by the households in seeking health care services for various maternal, newborn and child illnesses OOPE were obtained from the Impact assessment study carried out n two intervention blocks and two control blocks. Primary data collection
Annual Program cost It is sum of startup cost and implementation cost Derived indicator
Overall annual unit cost per pregnant women Annual programmatic cost divided by average annual number of women registered under ReMiND Management information system (MIS) data from CRS on number of registered women Derived indicator
Unit health system cost per pregnant women Annual health system cost divided by average annual number of women registered under ReMiND MIS data from CRS Derived indicator
At state level –Uttar Pradesh Scale up cost Number of ASHAs in entire state, training cost of ASHA and supervisors, mobile phone cost, hosting service charges, health system cost NRHM website, Observations, Calculations from available data Unit costs of pilot at two blocks were expanded to 821 blocks in Uttar Pradesh state.
Per capita scale up cost Total scale up cost divided by Total population of state Census 2011 Derived indicator
Per pregnant women scale up cost Total scale up cost in Uttar Pradesh divided by average number of pregnant women in the state in an year Crude Birth Rate Derived indictors
  1. ASHA- Accredited Social Health Activist, CRS-Catholic Relief Services, MNCH- Maternal, Newborn and Child Health, OOP- Out of Pocket Expenditure, ReMiND- Reducing Maternal and Newborn Deaths